Comedy is in Their Blood

November 1, 2012 at 13:31


By Linnet E. Carty
Tony Rock | COMEDY IS IN THEIR BLOODHartford – Tony Rock brought the house down at the Funny Bone comedy club in Hartford, this past weekend.  I’ve said it before, you know the four things you don’t do at a comedy show,

  1. Don’t wear something crazy,
  2. Don’t heckle the comic,
  3. Don’t come late and
  4. Don’t use the restroom during the show.

Why did two women break rule number 3 and had seats right up front. Put it this way, they won’t ever be late again. Tony worked them and the rest of the room including our table, like a boxing ring, pouncing on audience members then slipping back into his routine.

He talked Black folks, white folks, work, relationships, church and a little politics and just like his big brother, Chris Rock, he showed comedy, is truly in their blood.


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