Mundo De Oro Jewelry Store Closes

June 27, 2012 at 18:30


By Janice Rossetti
Inquiring News

HARTFORD – (June 20, 2012) – For thirty years Carmelo Pena has worked tirelessly to provide a better lifestyle for his family. In 1978 as a young man Carmelo a native of Puerto Rico came to Hartford, Connecticut.

Photo: Shown are (L to R) Isander Estrada, Carmelo Pena, Veronica Florez and Jose Pena. (Photo by Janice Rossetti/Inquiring News)

“I wanted to have an opportunity to better myself. I treasure the years I worked in selling Jewelry. Over the years all the customers have become like family and a valuable asset to my successful career. After 18 years at 250 Main Street my Mundo De Ora Jewelry store is closing. It is now time for me to move on to a new chapter in my life,” stated Pena.

At first Pena went door-to-door selling jewelry. He created a special bond with his customers. As time went on he gave credit to his customers and his small jewelry business grew. “My customers would reimburse me when they received their pay checks. They would recommend me to their friends and family members,” said Pena. As the small jewelry business grew Pena moved to several different sites in Hartford. Among the sites were on Maple Avenue in the Southend, in the Galaria on Park Street in Frog Hollow and presently on 250 Main Street in downtown Hartford.

“My dad is a gem. His personality and trust draws customers to continue doing business with him. I cherished the years I have worked by my dad’s side. My uncles Jose Pena and Isander Estrada made it more special, My dad’s close friend Samuel Dejesus was always part of the workforce too,” said daughter Veronica Florez.


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