CNN Heroes Nominee – Patricia Kelly

August 30, 2014 at 09:50


CNN Heroes Nominee – Patricia Kelly

HARTFORD – (8-26-14 / By Jocelyne Hudson-Brown/Inquiring News) – Patricia Kelly founder of Ebony Horsewomen has been nominated as a CNN Hero. Kelly’s contribution to the community and her amazing commitment to work with young people is now being recognized by the CNN Heroes campaign and her efforts are lauded on an international platform.

Patricia Kelly’s Ebony Horsewomen, Inc. Equestrian and Agricultural Center is a quiet oasis just outside of the hustle and bustle of the City. Touring the grounds a visitor is transported from buildings and concrete confines to open air fields, haystacks, stables, and beautiful horses. Young men and women go about their assorted tasks, they acknowledge visitors and are warm and friendly.

While in the stables Kelly provides some basic information about caring for horses including the fact that their intestines are 72 feet long and they drop about 47 pounds of manure daily. They must expel the waste or quite possibly die. The dung is actually a sign that they are healthy. Who knew?

Kelly’s passion for her work is clearly evident as she walks each area of the homestead. There are classrooms, a sewing room, a cooking area (Cowboy Cooking), a garden and a small menagerie of animals. All of which her “kids” tend to under supervision.

One of those kids is Jamar Green, 17, “She (Kelly) has taught me a lot. It was a summer job at first; I like it so I stayed. My family is happy I’m here and not in the street.” It’s a good thing. “It is.”, he agrees.

While Ebony Horsewomen began with a group of females, Kelly says, “We changed it from a women’s organization to a kids organization so that we could bring some healing and services to children.” The turning point being the time she was doing an exhibition and two boys approached her and one asked if she was riding a real horse.

Kelly is very proud to carry on and teach young people the rich history of African-American equestrians. “Horse-riding is very much etched in American history”, she says. Her dream is to establish a world-class equestrian center that can only enhance the education and life skills component she currently provides to her kids. Over 300 children are mentored yearly.

Patricia Kelly is indeed a shinning star in the Hartford community and beyond. The Inquiring News is proud to salute her nomination as a 2014 CNN Hero.

Writers Note: The Inquiring News will keep readers posted on how they may be able to vote online for Patricia Kelly as the 2014 CNN Hero of the Year. As noted on the CNN Heroes website; ”This year’s campaign culminates with a salute to the Top 10 CNN Heroes of 2014. “CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute” airs Sunday, Dec. 7 on the global networks of CNN.” (Photo by Reggie Hales).

Jocelyne Hudson-Brown is an award winning journalist and a longtime correspondent for the Inquiring News. She can be reached at

Caption: Jamar Green, 17 of Hartford is a great kid under the leadership of Pat Kelly. Who teaches local at risk kids the art of caring for horses. Picture her with Pat Kelly, President of the Ebony Horsewomen at their Vine ST farm. (Photo by Reggie Hales).

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