Music Alert: LLace Sarabete’ – It’s Her Time

May 17, 2014 at 16:17


“Play this in the Club” by LLace is the Hottest new club song

By Jocelyne Hudson-Brown-Inquiring News-CT

ATLANTA GA – Call her a renaissance woman. Actress, writer, singer Llace Sarabete’ is poised to break through the ranks and secure her rightful place in the music business. It’s been a long time coming.

Her newly released single “Play this in the Club” is getting rave reviews on REVERBNATIONN and the video for the song has gathered over 16,000 YouTube views. Impressive.

Sarabete’ grew up poor in the housing projects of Atlanta. Very early on she was praised for her singing. As a teen she was enterprising enough to send demos to both Elektra and Warner Bros. Records. Although record companies never accept unsolicited material, against all odds execs heard her voice and wanted more.

The unfortunate fact was that the timing was wrong. She was sixteen; finances were few and that particular fantasy quickly faded away. “Growing up was really tough for me. My mother was a single parent. We were really poor and we lived in the projects. For kids it’s really not pleasant. We struggled every day just like our parents. But, I always wanted to sing” says Sarabete’

Not one to be denied she has since gone on to write commercial jungles, act in movies and more importantly reach the world through her music.

After hearing her voice during his concert Jeffery Osborne stopped the show and her invited her on stage to sing with him. The impromptu performance with Osborne was met with a standing ovation. She has opened and/or provided entertainment for such diverse acts as Cameo, Too $hort, Ludacris and the SOS Band. A clear testament to her talents and ability to entertain an audience.

“I really love writing, I really love singing, I really love connecting with people through my music. To me it’s why I exist.” says Sarabete’.

Her voice is powerful, think back to the grand divas of old school R&B who could belt out an a cappella tune flat footed. It is no wonder that Aretha Franklin and Anita Baker are her role models.

With its infectious beat and Sarabete’s vocals “Play this in the Club” is destined to be one of the songs we all dance to this summer and well beyond.

Jocelyne Hudson-Brown is an award winning journalist and a longtime correspondent for the Inquiring News. She can be reached at

LLace Sarabete’


Llace Sarabete’ born Lisa Wilkerson on July 1st in Atlanta, Georgia is an American singer-songwriter and actress.

Early Life

Llace grew up in the projects of downtown Atlanta. Her mother, Betty Kate Wilkerson, a single parent, worked hard to make ends meet. The struggle left her with little hope for a future. That is until she joined the chorus at Ed S. Cook elementary school at the age of seven where a music teacher helped her discover her talent for singing. The music teacher had each student to auditon. After Llace audtioned her teacher expressed that her vocals where extraordinary, and convinced her that she should become a singer. This was the beginning of her music journey.

At age 15 she was taught by a friend and neighbor to write song lyrics. As of today her writting skills have advanced. She writes her own lyrics, and is also frequently requested to write for other artists. At age 16 she became a member of her first band. (The Dance Machine). She would put on makeup and pretend that she was older, and sneak into local clubs and to perform with different bands. Her talent formed relationships with many celebrity musicians and earned her the oppurtunity to work with and meet a network of great people in the field of music.

At the age of 19 she decided to record an acappella version of a song she had written and sent an unsolicited copy of it to Elektra Records. Much to her suprise an A&R representative by the name of Lavern Flemmings responded with great enthusiasm with a letter, saying how talented she was and asking her to resubmit the song as a recorded production. Financial conditions made it very difficult for her resubmit. Never giving up, she decided to also send Warner Brothers Records an unsolicited acappella recorded tape. Again to her suprise Warner Brothers Records sent a letter of response, stating that they did not accept unsolicted recordings, but expressed interest in her as an artist and suggested that she contact now Martin (Marty) Cohn with their A&R department. The late legend Marty Cohn requested her to resubmit to him a produced record. Once again financial struggles would not permit her to do so at the time.

She would later begin recording several albums, and performing in many local venues, such as Phillips Arena as an opening act for the FunkRap Fest with Cameo, The SOS Band, Brick and Too Short. She also opened on the Future Flavas Stage at Arron’s Amphitheatre at Lakewood in Atlanta for Hot 107.9 (formely) Hot 97.5’s 2001 Birthday Bash for artists Bow Wow, Ludacris, Lil Zane, Rashida, Something For the People, and Lil John and the Eastside Boys. During the attendance of a concert at the Atlanta Civic Center with Classic R&B singer Jeffrey Osborne’s she was personally invited by Jeffrey Osborne himself to sing with him after he heard her sing harmony to all of the songs he performed that night. That performance earned her a standing ovation.

She attended Nick Conti’s school of acting in Atlanta, Georgia. Her stage name Llace Sarabete’. Lace is a sobriquet and the double L was added in honor of her given name Lisa. Sarabete’ is in honor of her late aunt Sarah Nell Wilkerson King and her late mother Betty Kate Wilkerson. Through carisma, vocal talent, and creative writting ability, Llace Sarabete’ has attracted a strong fan base, and many venues request her presence for performance. She was also requested to write and recorded a commercial advertisement for “Loving It Live” a popular local raw food gourmet vegan restaurant. The commercial aired on Atlanta’s V103 radio station.

A good friend Madeleine Davis of the European hit group Boney M asked her to submit her a song via email. Madeleine submitted that song to Jeffrey Collins of Famous Records Corp/Famous Fontana. Llace Sarabete’ signed a promotional agreement with Famous Records and her first single “Closet Door” was released internationally. Her follow up single “Play This in the Club” was soon released internationally on Famous Fontana and is gaining worldwide attention.

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